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Responsibilities of International Students

(1) The student’s university e-mail, the International Student Center website, and social media accounts are the communication and notification channels of the university with international students. Students are responsible for all announcements and information made through any of these channels.

(2) Students can apply to the Social Security Institution for general health insurance within three months from the date of first enrollment in the program they have been admitted to. For students who do not apply to the Social Security Institution within this period, General Health Insurance has not been approved again during their education.

(3) Students are obliged to take the necessary procedures and obtain the documents in accordance with Turkish Laws (Foreign National Identity Number etc.)

(4) Students are obliged to obtain a residence permit (within one month from the date of entry with a study visa)

(5) To be an active student, it is necessary to renew the registration or to study at Sakarya TÖMER. Residence permits of inactive students are cancelled.

(6) Students are obliged to inform the Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration of the changes in their education status (faculty, change of department, etc.) in due time.

(7) Students are obliged to notify the International Student Office and Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration of any changes in their personal, marital and educational status within 10 days at the latest.

(8) If students want to extend their residence during their education, they are obliged to obtain a new one from the local Provincial Directorate of Migration Management, in condition to indicate with the document they are continuing to their education. But they must do it that 60 days before the expiry of the period written on the residence permit documents or until the last day.

(9) In case, students lose their residence permit docements or passports; they are obliged to apply immediately to the relevant authorities and get a new one within 10 days.

(10) In case students change their educational institutions, residence addresses, or contact phones, they are obliged to notify these changes within 20 working days to the local Provincial Directorates of Migration Management of the places where they left and where they moved.