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Türkiye Alumni Information Form

Our International Students, who are entitled to graduate from our university’s programs, are required to fill the relevant information form by using “Türkiye Alumni” portal developed by the Presidency for Turks and Related Communities before receiving their diplomas.

Please click for the web address.

1- Log in to the above mentioned address and create your registration from the “registration/login” section.

2- After the confirmation e-mail sent to your e-mail address, log in from the “secure login” section and fill the information requested from you in the My Profile menu.

Fields to be filled:

a- Personal Information

b- Education Information

c- Contact Information

3-Return to the Education Information section and after activating the information form, download and print it.

4- During your graduation process, you must submit the relevant form to the Directorate of Student Affairs along with your dismissal form.

You can forward your questions and problems to