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Entry Score and Evaluation


The types of examinations to be accepted and their base scores are given in Table 1/, Table 2/, Table 3/, Table 4.

Firstly, the exam/graduation grade of each applicant is converted to a score out of “100“. Then the percentages according to the application types (Table 1 / Table 2 / Table 3 / Table 4) are calculated, and finally, the Entry Score is determined.


Among the candidates who meet the application requirements for each program, according to quotas, firstly, principal candidates are determined, and then reserve candidates are determined for three times as much as quotas.

Instead of the principal candidates who do not register, the new students are announced from the reserve list, and they are registered.

A candidate who is placed in a program and who has the right to register from the main or reserve list cannot be included in the main or reserve list of another department, even if it is among his/her preferences.

The evaluation of the applications and the placement of the candidates are made according to the Entry Score, provided that they meet the minimum requirements in these principles.

In case of equality in placement scores

  • The priority is given to those born earlier,
  • Then, newly graduates from secondary education are preferred.


Candidates who are entitled to the principal or reserve registration will be able to access the placement results on the application pages on the dates specified in the International Student Calendar.

Invitation letters which are informing the registration dates are prepared for those who are entitled to register. Candidates get their invitation letters from the application page. On the dates specified in the calendar, they make their final registrations to the International Student Office, provided that they submit the following written documents (Section 6). Candidates who do not register within the registration dates lose their rights.