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Frequently Asked Questions

The medium of instruction is Turkish at Sakarya University.

  • Associate Degree Programs: 2 years
  • Undergraduate Programs: 4 years
  • Faculty of Medicine: 6 years
  • Faculty Dentistry: 5 years
  • Master’s Degree Programs: 2 years
  • PhD Programs: 4 years
  • Associate Degree Programs: 4 years
  • Undergraduate Programs: 7 years
  • Faculty of Medicine: 9 years
  • Faculty Dentistry: 8 years
  • Master’s Degree Programs: 4 years
  • PhD Programs: 6 years

Tuition fees are announced on our website.

First-time students can pay the tuition fee via the specified bank branches or ATMs using the temporary numbers given to them. For enrolment renewals, Foreign National Identity Number must be used.

If you do not register in the specified registration dates, you won’t be able to register later.

Equivalency process is organized by Directorates of National Education in Turkey and Education Consultancy and Education Embassies in abroad. You can make an application for Equivalency Certificate to these institutions. But Equivalency process can be done with the original documents such as school report, transcript, student document, leaving certificate and diploma that is taken from the received the education in primary and secondary education institutions in abroad. If you lose these original documents, you can apply and take the approved copy one from your school in abroad and then you can make your application with these approved documents.

Apostille is required for all your documents.

You can get your student ID Card from the Student Affairs Office around 1 month after your registration date.

  • You can use it for; entry and exit to University, eating at dining hall, library services, public transportion.

After placing an ad on a local or national newspaper you must apply to the identity printing office with the newspaper clipping showing the ad.

You can get it from Student Affairs Office 1 day after your registration date.

Foreign Nationals Identification Number is given to foreign nationals who will reside in Turkey for more than 90 days. It is written on the residence permit document to be obtained within 90 days after the application is made to the Provincial Directorates of Migration Management of the Ministry of Interior.

You can apply for it by filling in the scholarship application form that is supplied on the dates determined by the faculty. The list of the scholarship winners is announced on the bulletin board of the faculties.

International students can benefit from exchange programs (Mevlana, Farabi, ERASMUS).

After handing in the disenrollment form and petition available at Directorate of Student Affairs, and signed by relevant offices, you can receive your personal documents from your Unit Officer.

Students may request to suspend their studies due to health, military service, financial, personal or academic reasons, family circumstances, education abroad or unexpected an unavoidable circumstance on condition that necessary documents are presented. You may apply to the faculty with a petition requesting the suspension of your studies before the academic term begins.

It must be done within a three months after the first exact registration date. You are not allowed to apply again to whole of your period of study but you can apply to the private insurances.

The process of Residence permit is carried out by provincial directorate of migration management.

You can benefit from University Dormitories, private dormitories, KYK State Dormitories.

Card 54 is a discount card that can be used in public transport. Instead of Card 54 you can use your Student Card. Therefore, you need activate your Student Card from Card 54 Office in Campus.

First of all, you must make an application to Sakarya University. If you are admitted, you need to withdraw from your current university and register at Sakarya University.

You can not study in two Bachelor programs at the same time. If you want you can study one Bachelor program and one Associate Degree at the same time.

The registries of misconduct are retained permanently in your records.

You must reapply to the international student quota. When you are admitted, after cancelling your registration from your current department, you can register your chosen department.

Unless you renew your enrolment, you cannot benefit from students’ rights. Information of these students are reported to related offices. (Security, YTB, etc)