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Online Application Procedures

  1. Applications are made through the Sakarya University website on the dates specified in the academic calendar.
  2. Applicants should fill up the required information and upload the relevant documents to the system.
  3. Application documents must be in Turkish or English.
  4. Any application with missing information or documents will be cancelled.
  5. Candidates who will apply with a High School Graduation Grade must upload a document showing their High School Graduation Grade.
  6. Applications with Online YOS Exams and YOS Exams that do not have a Verification Page will not be accepted.
  7. Candidates who will apply to the Department of English Language Teaching and the Department of English Translation and Interpretation must upload the required Language Proficiency or Exemption Document.
  8. The original versions of the uploaded documents must be submitted to the enrolment office during the final registration.
  9. Each applicant is eligible to make only one application and may select a maximum of three departments or programs. All applications of candidates who are found to have more than one application will be cancelled.
  10. All transactions will be made with the Candidate ID number recieved during the application process, and questions and requests that are not specify the Candidate ID will not be taken into consideration.
  11. Candidates are strongly advised to review the specific conditions and descriptions of the programs clearly outlined in the Quotas Table.
  12. In order for your application to be valid, you must press the Complete Application Button. Otherwise, your application will not be considered.